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Have someone to share a meal with, someone to talk to, or someone to watch a movie with. At home, we provide you with cheerful companions. The companionship we provide also doubles as safety supervision, especially for the elderly.

caregiver handed a cup of coffee to the elderly woman

When people are bound at home due to illnesses, injuries, or old age, they most likely feel left alone and sad. If this continues, it may lead to depression which can negatively impact their health.

Help Angels LLC prevents this situation from happening by rendering companionship services that you or your family member needs. Through these services, you or your loved one will have a friend to converse with and do the following:

  • Accompanying to / From Appointments or Escort to / From Various Events
  • Reading
  • Planning Visits, Outings and Trips
  • Sorting, Mailing and Reading Mail
  • Assisting with Hobbies and Crafts
  • Play Games: Board games, Cards and more
  • Writing Letters and Correspondence
  • Birthday and Anniversary reminders
  • Answering the door or phone
  • Entertainment

Our caregivers can be that someone you or your loved one can talk to at home. If you have inquiries on how we can assist you with our services, please call 732-510-7855.